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[How to Internationalize Mechanical Engineering]
Internationalization is an attempt to introduce, prepare and empower a thing that can ‘enjoy’ internationally. If we want to talk about how to internationalize mechanical engineering department of ITS, we have to consider about the preparedness of the object in department itself. Educators, administration’s staff, students, and every supporting element in Mechanical Engineering is the object that should prepare for Internationalization

            How to start internationalization in Mechanical Engineering? Thomas Jefferson said, “Mind like a parachute, they only function when open.” The first thing that we should start is every element that wants to do internationalization should have an open-minded mind and knowledge. With an open mind, cultural learning process can take place in our department. No doubt, Indonesia has a big different culture with another country especially for western. And sometimes we cannot admit it because our cultures deny it. But with open mind, we can learn and understand other culture, so we can make internationalization in Mechanical Engineering. Open mind can decrease culture shock too. Like what I mention before, we have different culture and how we can be global citizenship (in order to internationalization) is by having an open mind, understanding each other’s, and try to admit others.
            Another preparation that we should prepare is language. In Mechanical Engineering department, main language is Bahasa, but secondary language is Javanese Language. If we want to internationalize our department we have to use international language as our secondary language. Not mean we don’t love our own culture, but how global citizen could understand Javanese language since it was not an international language. Not only using English as international language on our textbooks, but why not we try English as our daily language. Indonesian sometime thinks that when you speak in English means that you are so ostentatious and those statements make us down and afraid that we will shun by our friends. I believe there is “price” that we should pay if we want to be the global citizenship or in this case internationalization. That’s why I stated that the first thing is we should have open mind so we don’t have to afraid of our environment which is maybe will not support as to become international student of Mechanical Engineering.

            Facing many ideology lacing in this world, whether it liberalism, conservatism, communism, fascism, and many more, force us to fortify our self. Irrespective of the open mind that we have to own, ideological principles that we hold must also be sturdy. In fortify our self, hence necessity of extensive knowledge as well about self-knowledge, religion, national ideology and other ideologies that exist in this world. The most elements must prepare associated with it is young people in this case is students. To increasing the knowledge, it will be very important also read things that don’t have any connection with Mechanical Engineering disciplines, such as concept of nationalism, social, politics, cultural and world issues. Discussion on these topics can be helpful also in upgrading the student’s knowledge.
            Not only upgrading the knowledge but also implements that knowledge in some competition. In Mechanical Engineering we there some competition that related with our disciplines like “Shell Eco Marathon” and “IEMC” and so far students and educators of Mechanical engineering have already take part on that event. But to internationalize our department, those events will not enough. Try to get out from your comfort zone and try another competition which is doesn’t relate with our disciplines like International conference discussing about world education or another global issues. To internationalize our department, we have to internationalize the students first. Because in mechanical engineering most of our lecture has already got their title on overseas, so it is the student’s time to internationalize their self and we can internationalize our department easily.

            The point of internationalize Mechanical Engineering departments is from the elements of department itself. Encouraging students to have an open mind so they can understand and admit another culture in this world so we can take part to become global citizenship, learn to pay the price to become international student like learning English and be brave to speak in English even in daily life. Fortify our self from world’s ideology, try to recognize our self and read everything even doesn’t relate with our disciplines. And believe we can bring Mechanical Engineering department of ITS become international department. (yabs/M54)

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